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Hi, I'm Laura. I have been cooking and blogging at Family Spice for over 8 years. I am passionate about good food, and rather fanatical about serving beautiful food. Fresh produce and ingredients are my inspiration, and I work with many produce companies and brands to show off their gloriousness!

In high school, I could be seen with my old Pentax in hand photographing sporting events and school activities for the high school and local newspapers. I interned at The Houston Chronicle, where I learned the harshness of photojournalism and realized that I did not have the back bone for this tough life.

I have a BSBA in Marketing from the University of Arizona. I worked in advertising for over seven years before I chose to stay home and raise my three children. Blogging has become a wonderful creative outlet for me. I have styled and photographed all the pictures on my blog and featured here.

I have also styled, photographed, designed, co-wrote and self-published an award winning cookbook, Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil. I work with many brand on a regular basis, creating recipes, styling, photographing and sharing them on my blog. I also work with brands by photographing and creating ebooks to be sold or distributed to their customers.

If you have any questions or would like to work with me please email me:   Laura AT familyspice DOT com.